Intellectual Property Law Attorney at Law: Helen Leah Conroy

Working Together

Here are Helen Leah Conroy’s “Best Practices” for working with clients to provide efficient and effective advice regarding their transactions:

  • Analyze together where the client is in the business process, and its desired outcomes;
  • Consider Options and Alternatives for reaching those objectives, within a framework of business and legal considerations that are explored together, drawing on Ms. Conroy’s experience with other deals;
  • Prepare and Plan short-term and longer-term strategies, which identify open issues, action items, and the best ways to make progress;
  • Develop Checklists and Term Sheets for resolving open issues--both internally and with the other side--and for establishing the fundamental business points in the transaction;
  • Coordinate Deal Communications to determine what to disclose when, and how, with scripts or cover letters when appropriate;
  • Consider Counterproposals, i.e., the legal and business implications, what to do, and where there might be “middle ground”;
  • Complete Documentation. Whether using the client’s documents or the other side’s, Ms. Conroy takes over the drafting and comments phase of the project, with client input where necessary, keeping the client fully apprised of all developments.

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