Intellectual Property Law Attorney at Law: Helen Leah Conroy

About the Practice (It’s All About the Client)

When you need a lawyer, you want someone who is:

Responsive. Your time is important. You consult a lawyer because you need and want a result. You want to be able to reach your lawyer without delay, and the last thing you need is for your lawyers to slow down your deal.

Efficient. You want quick, thorough service. You want consistent careful attention from someone who knows your business, and can offer you prompt solutions based on experience with similar deals. And you particularly appreciate it when your lawyer shows you how you can be more efficient in the process.

Clear. You want your lawyer to offer you sensible alternatives that are easy to understand, and clearly explained.

Experienced. You want a lawyer who has seen other transactions or relationships like yours, can tell you what’s “industry standard,” and can help you assess the other side’s demands. And if your lawyer has litigation experience, and can show you how to avoid the lessons others have learned “the hard way,” all the better.

Helen Leah Conroy tries to provide all of this—and more—to each of her clients.

For more information about the kinds of services she provides, see Solutions.

For a description of recent projects, see Representative Recent Works.

Please click on Working Together for more information on Ms. Conroy’s “best practices” for working with clients to achieve the desired outcomes for their transactions.


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