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Intellectual Property Information Sites

World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO"). This site provides basic information about intellectual property, and contains many links to other sites where you will find useful information.

For example at, there are links to intellectual property laws around the world and to pages describing the Berne Convention-a treaty to which the U.S. and over a hundred other countries are parties.

You'll also find an extensive discussion on copyright on the Internet, and links to collective management organizations (organizations that exercise copyright and related rights on behalf of the owners of those rights), and links to hundreds of international governmental and non-governmental intellectual property organizations around the world.

Patent and Trademark Information links to the United States Patent and Trademark Office site, which includes online dozens of its "circulars"-pamphlets that explain many aspects of United States patent and trademark law. This is the Patent and Trademark Office's site for doing initial searches for trademarks that have been registered, or are in the process of registration. (Click on the link at the top of the page to reach the search page.)

United States Copyright Office Information about copyright law in general, as well as all the forms, instructions and FAQs for registering copyrighted works.

Copyright Permissions Resources

The U.S. Copyright Office Web site, provides basic information on this subject.


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