Intellectual Property Law Attorney at Law: Helen Leah Conroy

Helen Leah Conroy structures, negotiates and drafts agreements for companies that:

  • enter into commercial and service agreements of all kinds, and need efficient, practical advice to achieve their business objectives,
  • engage—or are—consultants or subcontractors for marketing, design, production, training and other services, or
  • enter into license and service agreements, joint development agreements or strategic alliances relating to their core products or services.

With twenty years of experience litigating and negotiating contracts, she:

  • provides strategies and tools for negotiating more efficiently—thus shortening clients’ sales cycles;
  • negotiates and drafts clear contracts that protect intellectual property and other rights, representing clients of all sizes and with varying degrees of bargaining strength; and
  • re-negotiates existing contracts and resolve disputes without litigation.



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